The Countdown has Begun!

Save the date for the 2016 CMAA National Conference & Trade Show!  This is the event where owners and service providers come together to advance the CM profession.

Submit Your Presentation Proposal

Presentations in the conference program should reflect – or better yet, anticipate – important trends in the construction industry and in society related to these key issues. They may showcase lessons learned on successful projects or programs that are distinctive in some way; innovative services, products or processes, or creative solutions to widely shared challenges; and cultural discussions not only about the generational transition with the United States, but the global nature of the market place today.

» Quickfire Project Profiles – Short 15 minute session, single speaker with a quick entry RFP submission
» Primary Conference Education Sessions – One hour sessions with a full RFP submission
» Rising Construction Managers (RCM) – One hour sessions or workshop (up to 4 hours) with a full RFP submission (Can be a dual entry submission with main conference)

Proposals may, of course, embrace more than one of the subtopic areas, but please be explicit in connecting your subject matter and speakers to at least one of these topics.