About Rising CM

 Advance your professional development at the 2017 Rising CM Conference - featuring engaging sessions, valuable education, vital leadership training and networking/contact building events.  

Who Should Attend

The Rising CM Conference has been designed for professionals just beginning their careers in CM/PM who want to develop meaningful leadership skills and become better connected with the construction industry. Students pursuing construction-related careers are also encouraged to attend.  This is the Conference for tangible leadership and career development training as well as an opportunity to become better connected with other future leaders in the CM industry.

Why You Should Attend

Gather Ideas & Gain Perspective – CMAA Rising CM attendees will have opportunities to broaden their understanding of what it takes to succeed by learning from industry experts and leaders in the CM industry.

Develop Leadership & Decision Making Skills – As a professional or student just embarking on your career, enhanced leadership and management skills is essential to your career development. Attendees will gain knowledge and practical experience in these essential topic areas.

Establish Your Professional Network and Create Meaningful Relationships with Future Leaders – By attending the Rising CM Conference, you will establish lasting relationships with not only future industry leaders like yourself, but also with members of the CMAA leadership and representatives from some of the largest and most successful firms and capital project owners.